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Soldering Wires to a PCB/soundboard

This tutorial will show you the basics of soldering a wire to any kind of PCB. For our purposes, it's usually a sound board.

* First, gather your materials. You'll need a pair of wire strippers, diagonal cutters, solder, and a solder iron


Strip your wire. Only strip 1/8" off or so, no more than the length of the solder pad.


Tin the wire.


Tin the solder pad on the sound board. Don't keep the iron on the pad for too long, this should only take a few seconds. Apply heat to the pad and put the solder on, just like tinning a wire.


Time to solder the wire to the board. Add no more solder, just put the iron on it. Again, this should only take a few seconds.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Don't put the wire through the hole in the sound board. Lay it across the top of the solder pad.






submitted by:    Aluke123

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