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CF LED.txt Sequence Builder/Player:

If you are like most of the people new to the Crystal Focus soundboard, you may be scratching your head on how the led.txt config file works! it can be a bit scary at first, especially if you have never worked with it before. In order to make it easier for the end user to take advantage of all the customization options the Crystal Focus soundboard has to offer, we have built a visual, interactive LED Builder/Player application for you to VISUALLY build your individual led sequences and create custom patterns for your leds.

How to use:

*Build your own sequence-

1.) Use the left side of the app, and click on the individual leds to turn them on/off

2.) Use the delay input field to use a custom delay setting (optional....default is 50 ms delay)

3.) Once you have your 'sequence' complete, you click the ADD button to add that 'line/sequence' to the overall pattern.

4.) Repeated for the next line, once complete ADD to the overall pattern.  (continue until all 32 stages have been completed)

5.) You can use either, the random pattern or random delay check box to generate random data for 'that line/sequence'.
*(these are optional, and will reset back to default after current sequence has been added)

**note:  the pattern or 's' text field mirrors the current led sequence states, this field can also be used to directly edit a sequence.

*Play or Test your sequence-

*Along with being able to BUILD your own custom sequences.. you can PLAY them back and check for errors, or pick from an array of pre-defined animations for you use.

1.) Using the right side of the application, you can pick a pre-defined animation from the drop down box (to preview it click the PLAY button)

2.) If you have created you own led.txt sequence file and want to test it out.. you can paste it into the input field, and click the play button to preview it.

**note:  you can also directly edit the values in the input field before playing it.

3.) Generate Random Patterns & Delays button will generate a COMPLETE led.txt sequence (all 32 stages) by creating random patterns "AND" delays..  (similar to the random option built into the CF firmware)



CF PLI/Low Battery 'Parameter' Calculator:

Having trouble figuring out what setting to use in your CF config file for low battery threshold? Use the application below to get the number you need, works for Li-Ion and NiMH



CF High Powered LED 'Parameter' Calculator:
 ***(This is for CF v5.+ and UNDER)

Not sure how to calculate the correct setting/value for the Crystal Focus High Powered LED parameter (led [0-93]) in the MAIN CONFIG file? Use the calculator below. All you need to do is enter in the target current for the led you are powering and the calculator will convert this into a value to be used in the config file.  Enjoy.   **(does not work with CFv6.+)