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How to solder wires together

In regards to soldering irons.. Any iron will work really. I use a temperature controlled model from Tenma. My backup is a radioshack iron which works fine, too. If you plan on building a lot of sabers, get a nicer iron that heats up fast.



First, gather your materials. Wire strippers, diagonal cutters, heatshrink, solder, lighter (or heat gun), and soldering iron.


Strip both your leads. Take about 1/4" of the insulation off.


Tin the wires. Touch the iron to the wire along with the solder. It should only take a few seconds of contact for the solder to melt and flow over the wire. You should tin BOTH wires.


Now it's time to solder the leads together. Slide heatshrink on before you solder, unless one end remains free when you're done. To solder the wires, just touch them together with your iron. Don't add any more solder, the tinning added all you'll need.
IMPORTANT: Tug test the wires when you're done soldering, to be sure that it's a firm joint.



Now slide the heatshrink over the wires. Cut about 1/2" of it.


Shrink the heatshrink tubing down with a lighter. Heat with the blue of the flame so that you don't burn the tubing.




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